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At the beginning of the academic year 2023/2024, 31 schools are functioning on the territory of Vidin region, as follows:


Type of schools

No. schools

  • elementary schools


  • primary schools


  • secondary schools


  • vocational high schools


  • profiled high schools


Total number of schools for the academic year 2023/2024.


According to data of RME - Vidin


By Decision of the CM № 469 of July 7th, 2023, on the basis of Art. 38, para. 6 and Art. 39, para. 5 of the Preschool and School Education Act, 6 schools from Vidin region have the status of innovative:

  •      ES "Ivan Vazov" - town of Vidin;
  •      SS "Tsar Simeon the Great" - town of Vidin;
  •      High school with teaching of foreign languages "Yordan Radichkov" - town of Vidin;
  •      SS "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" - the village of Novo Selo;
  •      PHS "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" – town of Vidin;
  •      SS "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", town of Vidin.


There are 6 centers and they include:

  •      Regional center for supporting the process of inclusive education - Vidin region;
  •      Personal development support center - town student dormitory – town of Vidin;
  •      Center for special educational support "Dr. Petar Beron" – town of Vidin;
  •      Children's complex - personal development support center town of Belogradchik;
  •      Center for work with children - town of Bregovo;
  •      Center for support for personal development with the subject of activity career guidance and counseling - town of Vidin.


In the settlements where schools are not functioning, the persons subject to compulsory education (up to the age of 16) are provided with free transport to transport them to secondary schools.

y Decision of the CM № 850 of November 30, 2023, on the basis of Art. 53, para. 5 of the Preschool and School Education Act, in the list of secondary schools and kindergartens in the Republic of Bulgaria for the academic year 2023/2024, 20 schools and 7 kindergartens from Vidin region are included, distributed by municipalities as follows:

  • Vidin – 8 schools and 2 kindergartens;
  • Belogradchik – 2 schools;
  • Bregovo – 1 school and 1 kindergarten;
  • Gramada – 1 school;
  • Dimovo – 2 schools and 3 kindergartens;
  • Kula – 1 school;
  • Makresh – 1 school and 1 part of a kindergarten;
  • Novo selo - 1 school;
  • Ruzhintsi – 2 schools;
  • Chuprene – 1 school.


By Decision № 23 of January 22, 2024 of the Council of Ministers, on the basis of Art. 54, para. 4 of the Preschool and School Education Act, the list of protected schools and kindergartens includes 6 schools and 4 kindergartens from the region:


  • Gramada municipality – 1 school;
  • Dimovo municipality – 2 schools and 2 kindergartens;
  • Makresh municipality – 1 school;
  • Chuprene municipality – 2 schools and 2 kindergartens.





          Training at the high school stage during the 2023/2024 school year is carried out in 16 schools:

  • 4 /four/ vocational high schools;
  • 2 /two/ profiled high schools;
  • 10 /ten/ secondary schools.


The State admission plan for the 2023/2024 academic year of the RME – Vidin includes:


  • 28 classes, of which 9 profiled and 19 professional;
  • 17 classes related to STEM, IT, technical profiles and professions, of which 4 profiled and 13 professional classes;
  • 9 priority professions, of which - 2 classes in a protected specialty and 7 classes with specialties with an expected shortage;
  • 5 professions with a dual education system in 4 schools;
  • 3 classes with new specialties;
  • 1 class 5th grade.



As a result of the repair works carried out in recent years, the material base of the schools in Vidin region is in relatively good condition.

Eleven schools from the region report morally outdated and in poor condition material base, with the need for renovation of the buildings, replacement of roof structures, replacement of plumbing installation, complete repair of classrooms.

The enrichment of the material base is difficult in the conditions of a delegated budget for schools with a small number of students. Partial repairs are in progress. However, work on national programs and projects provides an opportunity to maintain and enrich the existing physical environment and resource.

Out of 31 schools in Vidin region, 18 have a gymnasium, the remaining 13 use adapted premises. Only 9 of all schools report that they do not need to repair the gymnasiums and sports facilities. 23 open sports grounds need renewal of the pavement and new sports facilities, necessary both for the implementation of the educational process and for additional sports activities of the students.

Differences in the material base are observed in vocational high schools and schools with vocational classes. Given that students exercises and practices are still largely in school (and not in a real work environment), this affects the quality of education.

Maintaining modern equipment close to that used by firms in the economy is difficult and expensive and generally unaffordable in vocational schools. For this reason, creating a strong connection between vocational education and business already during the training period is of paramount importance.

Work continues to ensure conditions for a one-shift mode of training, as well as to equip places for conducting activities from the all-day organization of the educational process.

Vidin region schools improve their material base by using, in most cases, the resources provided by the projects they are working on.

The problem of providing an accessible architectural environment has not been solved. There are sporadic cases of ensured accessibility through the construction of safety railings, non-slip flooring, tactile lines and lifting platforms to the premises and school spaces. In very few schools and kindergartens, conditions have been created in classrooms and offices and in common areas for students with disabilities. In a large part of the municipalities, measures have been taken, but they are insufficient, which necessitates the search for adequate solutions.





With decree No. 87 of May 3, 2017, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria decreed the opening of a branch in the structure of Ruse University "Angel Kanchev" in the town of Vidin.

At the branch of the University of Ruse in the town of Vidin, those who wish to study in a regular form by state order can apply for the specialties: Agricultural technology and technologies, Electronics, Technology and transport management, Industrial management, Computer science, Pre-school and primary school pedagogy and Bulgarian language and history.

The study period is four years, and the graduates acquire the educational and qualification degree "bachelor" with a professional qualification corresponding to the studied specialty.



List of the schools in Vidin region


List of the kindergartens in Vidin region


Personal development support centers in Vidin region


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