Vidin Region

General Information

The Region of Vidin is situated in the north-western part of Bulgaria and spreads on an area of 3022 square kilometres (2.7% of the territory of the country). Centuries on end, the geographical position had been favourable to its development as a transport, trade and cultural centre. 

The region of Vidin is the entrance-exit gate of the Bulgarian Republic to Europe and the world. To the north the Vidin region borders with the Danube River which provides wonderful conditions for direct connections with Romania and the other countries from the Danube basin. Two European corridors pass through the region: corridor number 4 Budapest – Krayova – Sofia – Kulata – Solun (Thessaloniki), and corridor number 7 on the Danube River. The construction of a second bridge over the Danube, between Vidin and Kalafat, around 2 kilometres in length with combined road and railway transport is planned. 

11 municipalities are allocated in the territory of region Vidin: Vidin, Boynitsa, Bregovo, Belogradchik, Gramada, Dimovo, Kula, Makresh, Novo selo, Ruzhintsi, Chuprene. 

According to the National Statistics Institute in December 2019 the population of Vidin amounts to 82 835 inhabitants. 

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