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1. The Airport of Vidin

Vidin Airport was constructed in 1973 and has been functioning as a civil airport till 1999, when it was closed by an order of the Transport Minister; then it was submitted to the management of the Regional governor of Vidin Region.

Vidin Airport is situated in the land of Inovo village, Vidin municipality, 5 km. northwest from the town of Vidin and international road A-79, which leads to the construction spot of the future second Danube Bridge between Vidin – Kalafat; it borders also with road II-12 – a transport junction with „Bregovo” cross border point.

The property has an area of 153 841 square m. and represents:

●  a runway with two turntables with length – 2 080 m., width – 38 m. and area of 101 134 square m., the runway has a concrete cover and is in good condition;
●  adjoining terrain for airport services;
●  five buildings /the buildings are in bad conditions/:
●  reception building with an area of 463 square m.
●  building for technical maintenance and repair with an area of 467 square m.
●  building with an area 51 square m.
●  pavilion with an area of 86 square m.
●  sanitary room with an area of 29 square m.

The Regional Governor of Vidin Region Mr. Plamen Stefanov has initiated a recovery procedure for the activity of Vidin Airport through a concession agreement.

Vidin airport is a private state property and an object of public interest; it is possible to be given on concession according to the Law on Concessions art. 13, al .1, point 3.

The town of Vidin is situated 250 km. from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and from the closest civil airport. The time period for overcoming this distance is respectively – 5 hours by train and 3,5 hours by car, because of the railway and road infrastructure condition.

The recovering of Vidin airport functions will considerably shorten the time to overcome the distance. Having in mind the geographical position of Vidin, the two borders and the availability of all kinds of transport – railway, river and road, the reopening of the airport services will be a serious step towards the transformation of Vidin Region into a modern transport and communication centre of national and international significance.

A concession procedure will be started when future investors show interest in the airport. Investors will be given support regarding the administrative issues, connected with the procedure, due to the big local significance of the object.

2. Highly-thermal waters in the Vidin - Slanotran – Koshava area
On the territory of Vidin in Vidin region - Slanotran - Koshava there is a  trove of highly-thermal waters. The spring was discovered during geological surveys in 1959. The water has a high mineral components / iodine, bromine, etc… / in its composition and is a valuable natural resource that can be used for the production of chemical compounds, iodine and lye Pharmaceutical industry, mining and geothermal spa needs. The water has exceptional properties in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases and infections. Projected operational resources of the water source C-3 near s.Slanotran category EP1 were 5.00 l / sec. or 158 680 m3/god. at a water temperature of - 41 ° C and a depth of 830 m. It is located 16 km. from Vidin.

The well is located on the embankment of the Danube 30-40 meters. It operates from 1968 to 1988. There were buildings - bathrooms, swimming pools, locker rooms, stadium, are currently dilapidated and unusable. More than 20 years, however, the source was captured with several meters of concrete layer.

The spring is state property, and the land around it is municipal property. There are two ways to develop a thermal field:

* To build a wastewater effluent treatment plant that can be used in different sectors of the economy.

* To make 2 wells. From one to provide conductivity of water use, and the second drill using a French pump pumping the water used at depths greater than 830 meters. The aim is not to contaminate drinking water.

3. Construction of intermodal transport terminal.

4. Construction of ski area "Midzhur", Chuprene Municipality.

5. An integrated tourism project Vidin - Dimovo - Magura - Chuprene-Chiprovtzi (Destination " Southwest Balkan Mountain- Southern Carpathians").

6. Construction of market / exchange for agricultural production and laboratory testing and quality assessment of agricultural products under the standards of Eurostat.

7. Construction of a processing plant for agricultural products - fruits and vegetables;

8. Port and fish processing plant for fish products - Investment Portal of North West Bulgaria - Developed by Bulgaria Economic Forum in the framework of the project BG0026 “Strengthening the capacity of the local authorities of the North-West planning region of Bulgaria for attracting foreign investors, institutional support for investments and IT solutions for administrative services” - Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism. 

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