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Economic development

Section: Economic development

GVA and GDP by economic sectors with data for 2022* for the Northwestern region


GVA by economic sectors

GVA, BGN million

GDP, BGN million

GDP per capita, BGN





6 480

42 708

99 976

149 164

167 809

25 956

Northwestern region

1 063

3 579

5 342

9 984

11 232

16 597







13 273



1 575

1 093

2 908

3 272

21 818





1 614

1 815

15 890





1 526

1 716

14 651




1 898

3 070

3 454

15 562


In the economic structure of the region in 2022 a dominant place are occupying:

  • Service sector "Trade and repair of vehicles and motorcycles", 1118 registered enterprises;
  • Sector "Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries" occupies the second position with 582 registered enterprises;
  • "Hospitality and restaurant industry" sector with 222 registered enterprises;
  • Sector "Transportation, warehousing and posts" with 198 registered enterprises;
  • Sector "Professional activities and scientific research" with 198 registered enterprises;
  • Sector "Processing industry" with 183 registered enterprises..

The smallest number of non-financial enterprises are registered in the "Extractive Industry" sector, 6 and "Water supply" sector; Sewage services; Waste management and recovery", 8 enterprises.

  • In 2022 the total number of the reported non-financial enterprises is 3,216;
  • The manufactured production is worth 845,347 BGN;
  • Realized turnover in the amount of 1,284,989 BGN;
  • The total number of persons employed under official and employment legal relations in economic activities is 15,890.

Size of enterprises, according to employed persons

Number of enterprises

Number of persons employed

Micro up to 9 employed

3 031

5 310

Small from 10 to 49


2 976

Medium from 10 to 49



Large over 250



The direct foreign investments in non-financial enterprises as of 31.12.2022. are 36 025,5 EUR.

Activity of categorized accommodation with 10 or more beds during 2022 in Vidin region

Number of accommodations places

Number of beds

Realized accommodations - number

Overnights persons - number


Foreign citizens


Foreign citizens


1 060

66 967

12 892

38 296

6 561


* Source of information - NSI

The mine near the village Koshava is the only underground deposits of gypsum in Southeast Europe. The extracted gypsum is 100% natural product and its purity reached 95%. GIPS is a major supplier of raw materials in the cement industry and in the manufacture of gypsum and aerated concrete products. From 2006 until now invested over 22 million. Lev in reconstruction and modernization of the technological process with the purchase of complex mechanized underground mining of natural gypsum, construction of two new production lines for the production of dry mixes gypsum and cement based installation for drying and separation of sand and comprehensively installation calcification of natural gypsum. 
In October 2012 a new factory of "GIPS" AD opened in. Koshava. This is the first plant in Bulgaria with a complex installation for calcification of natural gypsum. The project was approved under the Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013" The equipment of the new plant has a capacity of 80 thousand. Tons per year. Supplier of equipment is "Claudius Peters Projects". 
Currently GIPS produces 23 dry mixes - 13 gypsum based and 10 cement based ones, system for insulation and primers. There is the only accredited laboratory for investigation of gypsum and gypsum derivatives. The company is certified according to ISO 9001-2008 SGS. 

"LB BULGARICUM" PLC is the only state-owned company in the dairy sector in Bulgaria with long experience in the manufacture and export of dairy starter cultures and technologies. The Company also provides know-how and technology for the production of original Bulgarian dairy products abroad by concluding licensing agreements. 
It has two production units - in Vidin and Sofia. 
In September 2015, the production base in Vidin was designed and put into operation a new production line for the production of milk and probiotic drink with hypolipidemic action. 

The company is certified: 
- ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems VIDIN - issued on June 26, 2012 
- IFS - International Food Standard Certificate VIDIN - issued on June 23, 2012 
The Company has significant volume of intellectual property rights in the dairy industry: 
• 20 patents for Bulgarian dairy products; 
• 50 product trademarks registered in Europe, Asia, Australia; 
• company trademark registered in EU and 21 countries; 
• 6 designations of origin. 

Winery "Magura" was established in 1967 in Rabisha. The cellar is equipped with the most modern technology in the field of wine production and complies with all European standards. Part of the cave "Magura" - Bat Gallery for decades has become a place for aging fine wines. 
On soil and climatic conditions around the area the Rabisha hill approaches those of the French region of Champagne, so here is produced the best in Bulgaria natural sparkling wine with classic technology. The wine is stored and matured slowly in a deep underground cave. Constant temperature of 12C, the darkness and air humidity in the bowels of the Bat Gallery create conditions for naturally sparkling. 
Besides its natural sparkling wine "Magura", winery specializes in producing high quality red and white wines and brandies. The area of Rabisha has gathered the concept of terroir favorable for the development of red and white wine varieties. 
In 2008, the winery began creating their own vineyards in the village of Rayanovtsi and Rabisha of the varieties Pinot Gris, Vratsa Muscat, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gamza. 
About the quality of the wines speak the numerous awards from prestigious international competitions. For the recent years, is as follows: 
2014 - Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded a gold medal and Pinot Gris and Gamza - silver medals at the International Wine Festival in Knjazevac. 
2104 - Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded a silver medal by International wine competition AWC Vienna. 
2014 - Sauvignon Blanc and Sharodne was awarded a bronze medal by the International wine competition AWC Vienna. 
2015 - Shiraz and Cabernet Franc was awarded a bronze medal by the International wine competition Decanter World Wine Awards - London. 
2016 - Gamza 2013, with a silver medal at the International Balkan wine festival. 

Novo Selo cellar was built in 1946 and specializes in the production of quality red table and regional wines . Also produces white wine , grape and fruit brandies . Predominantly in the recent past, the industry has been to both the internal and external markets such as Czech Republic, France , Germany, Poland , England , Sweden, Canada , Angola and Latvia. 
In the cellar in Novo Selo is processed mainly red wine grapes varieties. There is a bottling line for thermally stabilized wines with capacity of 1500 bottles per hour. The " Novoselska Gumza " produces "Gumza from Novo Selo" , PNC , wine collection "Gamza from Novo Selo", "Grappa of Novo Selo", wine "Cabernet". 
The production capacity for processing raw material in the annual volume is 20 000 tons of grapes, and as finished goods volume - 1.5 million to 2 million bottles of wine. 
In all the years of existence Novoselo wines are very well known in Bulgaria and around the world, have won many awards and medals from the Bulgarian and international wine competitions in Sofia, the Sunny Beach, the International Plovdiv Fair, international exhibitions in Budapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana and gold and silver medals in total over 60. Not less are received diplomas for wines and brandy. 
• Vinaria 2002 - Diploma for the best wine variety "Gumza" wine "Gumza Novo Selo", vintage 1999; 
• Vinaria 2003 - Diploma for the best wine variety "Gumza" wine "Gumza see the" vintage 2002; 
• Vinaria 2003 - Diploma Wine of the Year "Merlot" 2002 top-quality wine; 
• Vinaria 2004 - Diploma for the best wine grape variety "Gumza" Regional wine of Novo Selo, vintage 2003.; 
• Vinaria 2005 - Diploma for the best wine grape variety "Gumza" wine "Gumza Novo Selo", vintage 2004; 
• Vinaria 2008 - Bronze Medal and Honorary Diploma of wine VGKNP "Gumza" 2007; 

Winery "Ruptsi" is part of "Bulgarian wine company" Ltd., which has more three wineries in the country. The company was founded in 2004. and specializes in the production of wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages. The Annual production volume is 18 million bottles of wine, with over 85% is exported to countries like Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Singapore and others. 
Winery "Ruptsi" builds their traditional image, emphasizing high-quality grape varieties grown in over 1400 acres of vineyards. Among the most popular products are the winery's wines from the series of "Ruptsi" - "Merlot", "Cabarnet" and "Gumza" - the red as "Chardonnay" and "Aligote" - from white series "Vidinska rakia". 

"Winery Borovitza" is a small winery located in northwestern Bulgaria - a region that offers good opportunities for obtaining grape and wine with distinctive characteristics. It is nestled in Belogradchik Rocks near the village Borovitza and its production is mainly oriented towards the creation of limited batches naturally sparkling and table wines with pronounced character and the specifics of the terroir. 
The winery is focused towards a quiet and natural sparkling wines in limited batches of prominent character. New plantings from Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, Pinot Noir and Gamay are about 100 acres distributed in four vineyards. 
On the "WIN Wines" project two selected and limited collections of wines of the winery Collection Borovitza and Collection Les Ami are offered. Borovitsa winery is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Independent growers. 

Knauf Bulgaria was established in 1993 by the founder Knauf - Austria. In 1997 assumes and reconstructs the plant for gypsum boards in Vidin. Located in the triangle between the three countries (Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania), directly on the banks of the Danube, the plant is one of the largest employers in the area. Equipped with the - advanced production equipment according to the requirements of quality and environmental protection, the plant operates at a European level. In Vidin are produce about 3 million square meters of gypsum boards with application to dry floors and walls - brands Vidiwall and Vidifloor. 
The gypsum fiber panels are used not only for internal, but also external cladding of various building elements. The boards produced in Vidin are used in the manufacture of factory elements for prefabricated houses, including low-energy and passive ones. 
Among the most important customers are the industry for ready wood and prefabricated houses in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. 90% of the production is exported to these countries. 

“FANTY – G” 
Company "Fanty-G" was founded in 1991 with the object of international transport and forwarding, mainly along Bulgaria - Western Europe - Bulgaria. The cars have a certificate for "green and safe car". Along with its core business the company has modern complex to implement accompanying transport operations : gas station, car wash, garage, warehouse. The company operates across the Danube bulk and palletized cargo, containers and cars from Bulgaria to Western Europe and vice versa. 

Approved clothing enterprise specialized in the production of shirts and blouses. The production is entirely for the foreign markets. It works about 99% for Germany and about 1% for England. The factory is equipped with machines and equipment last generation. It employs 260 persons. The company has an established name in the clothing industry. 

The company manufactures luxury men's shirts for companies like Inditex, Peak & Cloppenburg and others. Owner of the company is family-owned German Slam Group, founded in the 70s of the 20th century. Its only activity is the production of luxury men's shirts for international brands. The total initial investment of Slam Group for the the company is over 2 million. lev. 

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