Vidin Region

Ruzhintsi municipality

Ruzhintsi municipality is situated in Northwestern Bulgaria, Vidin Region. To the northwest it borders Dimovo municipality, to the East and South it borders Brusartsi municipality/Montana Region/, and to the southwest and West with Chuprene and Belogradchik. 
The Lom River passes through the municipality. 
The agricultural land takes 182,909 decares of the total municipal area, the cultivated land is 144,607 decares, and water basins cover 4,339 decares, forest territories – 38,676 decares, urbanized territory – 5,274 decares. 
The geographical and transport situation of Ruzhintsi village is of great importance for its development as municipal center. It is situated on main road E 79 Romanian border – ring road Vidin – Montana – Vratsa – Sofia Greek border, it is a part from Transeuropean corridor No 4. The municipality center is 54 km far from the town of Vidin and 43 km far from Montana. 
In the northern part of the municipality passes the railway road Vidin – Sofia. The railway station of Drenovets is situated in the municipality territory. Another railway connection with the country is railway station Oreshets, which is 10 km far from the village of Ruzhintsi. There are three dams in the lands of Gyurgich, Drazhintsi and Drenovets and two micro dams at the villages of Gyurgich and Belo Pole. The only river passing through the municipality is the Lom River. The climate and soil conditions are suitable for agriculture, which is an important branch of the municipal economy. 
The existing land resource should be also mentioned as a favourable factor - 77, 6% of the territory is arable land and 86, 3% of them are cultivated. There are several enterprises. The bigger part of the functioning in the municipality companies are small and connected with trade sphere. The protected folklore heritage and beautiful nature in the municipality are significant preconditions for rural, fishing and eco tourism development. Dobri Dol monastery, established in the XI c., is situated on the territory of Ruzhintsi municipality. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 232  
Population (till 31.12.2018): 3 608 inhabitants
Settlements: 10 villages – the villages of Belo pole, Cherno pole, Dinkovo, Drazhintsi, Drenovets, Gyurgich, Pleshivets, Roglets, Ruzhintsi (municipal center) Topolovets.
Bigger settlements in the municipality: the village of Ruzhintsi; the village of Drenovets; the village of Belo pole.

Mayor: Mr. Aleksandar Aleksandrov 
Municipality contact data: 
Address: 31, G. Dimitrov Str. 
3930 Rujintsi 
Tel: +3599324/ 22 83 
Fax: 09324 21 83; 09324 26 04 

Chairman of Municipal Council: Mrs. Dimitrinka Gergova 
Tel: +3599324/ 22 83 
Fax: 09324 21 83; 09324 26 04 

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