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Makresh municipality

Makresh municipality is situated in northwestern Bulgaria. It borders with the municipalities of Kula, Gramada, Dimovo and Belogradchik and to the West with the Republic of Serbia. 
The relief is flat at Makresh, Tsar Shishmanovo and Valchek. To the West it turns into hilly at the villages of Podgore, Rakovitsa, Topolovitsa while the village of Kiryaevo is at the foothill. The altitude is from 210 m to 1100m. The forest fund in the municipality is 79 676 decares, mainly mixed broadleaves woods - beech, oak and others. The Vidbol River, which has many small tributaries, passes through Makresh municipality. The agricultural land comprises 143 897 decares of the total municipality area, the forest fund is spread over 77 159 decares, the water areas cover 2 622 decares; extraction of mineral resources is performed on 581 decares (a quarry for clay and limestone extraction). 
The plant-growing branch is of strategic importance for agriculture. Grain production and industrial crops have the biggest relative share in municipality plant-growing. Cereals take the bigger part of the total cultivated land, as the main deal is dedicated to wheat, barley, maize, and rye. There are excellent pastures and meadows in the mountainous and half-mountainous part of the area and the good conditions for development of fodder production in the plain part of the area are precondition for sheep breeding and breeding cattle for meat. The municipality center Makresh is 35 km far from the regional center Vidin. The municipality has a connection with the railway line Sofia – Vidin. The municipality is also serviced by railway station Dimovo, lying 12 km from the village of Makresh. 

The ecologically clean environment, the Rabisha lake, part of which is in the land of the village of Topolovitsa, the established in 10th-11th century monastery at Rakovitsa and the adjacent church “Holly Trinity”, proclaimed cultural monument of national importance, are estimated as possibilities for tourism development. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 229  
Population (till 31.12.2018): 1 277 inhabitants
Settlements: 7 villages – the villages of Kireevo, the municipality center village of Makresh, the village of Podgore, the village of Rakovitsa, the village of Topolovitsa, the village of Tsar Shishmanovo, the village of Valchek.
Bigger settlements in the municipality: the village of Makresh; the village of Rakovitsa.

Mayor: Mr. Ivan Kamenov Valchev 
Municipality contact data: 
Address: 88, G. Benkovski Str. 
3760 Makresh 
Tel: +3599339/ 270 
Fax: +35994/ 600 356 

Chairman of Municipal Council: Mr. Krasimir Krastev 
Tel: 09339/ 2289; 0885865248; 093398805; 0882943106 

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