Vidin Region

Gramada municipality

Gramada municipality is situated in Northwestern Bulgaria, in the middle of Vidin Region. It borders the municipalities of Kula, Makresh, Dimovo, Vidin. The municipal center, the town of Gramada is 30 km far from Vidin and 200 km far from Sofia. The relief is expressed by plain areas cut by deep valleys, cut through the Vidbol, Kormanitsa, and Gramagska rivers and Yazova puddle. The average altitude is 210m. Leading brunch in the economic structure of Gramada municipality is agriculture. The total agricultural fund is 136 664 decares, forest territory – 37 985 decares. Crops are the main cultures grown in the area. There are favourable conditions for the development of vine-growing, fruit-growing and vegetables-growing. Gramada municipality is connected with the national railroad network by railway station Sratsimir. Main road thoroughfare is the third class road 141 Kula- Gramada- Sratsimirovo –(Vidin –Dimovo), connecting town of Gramada with first class road E 79- Romanian border – Vidin- Montana-Vratsa- Sofia, part from European corridor No 4. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 184  
Population (till 31.12.2018): 1 742 inhabitants
Settlements: 1 town – Gramada (municipality center); 7 villages – Villages of Boyanovo, Brankovtsi, Medeshevtsi, Milchina laka, Sratsimirovo, Toshevtsi, Vodna
Bigger settlements in the municipality: town of Gramada - 1 243 inhabitants

Mayor: Mr. Milcho Bashev 
Municipality contact data: 
1, Miko Ninov Sq. 
3830 Gramada 
Tel: +3599337/ 2258; 2252 
Fax: +3599337/2231 

Chairman of Municipality Council: Mr. Ognyan Georgiev 
Tel: +3599337/ 2252 
Fax: +3599337/ 2231 

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