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Chuprene municipality

Chuprene municipality is situated in the northwestern part of the country, on the northern and northeastern slopes of Stara Planina Mountain, just next to the state boundary with the Republic of Serbia. To the North, East, and South it borders Belogradchik, Ruzhintsi and Chiprovtsi municipality, and to the West with Knyazhevats municipality in the Republic of Serbia. The municipal center – the village of Chuprene, is 175 km far from the capital city Sofia and 75 km far from Vidin and 70 km far of Montana. Chuprene Municipality is situated around the outflows of Lom and Chuprenska Rivers, in the foot of the highest peak in western Stara Planina Mountain – peak Midzhur. 

The area is predominantly mountainous, highly rugged and with great differences in the altitudes. The highest point is peak Midzhur– 2 168 m, and the lowest is Falkovets quarter – 320 m. The municipality uniquely combines plains with real Balkan relief. 
Rivers of importance are the high-water Danubian tributary in western Bulgaria – the Lom River and the Chuprenska River. The high-water period of Lom River is all year long. The river capacity is artificially interrupted from the four hydroelectric power stations situated along the river (the cascade “Gorni Lom/Upper Lom”). 
The bigger part of the enterprises in the municipality are in the sphere of Chemical industry, food-processing industry, wood-processing and electric industries. The biggest part of the municipal industry is concentrated in the village of Gorni Lom. The arable land is 142 350 decares total. Wheat and sunflower are basic cultures for the plain areas in the municipality. Due to the mountainous character of the municipality, forests are among the prior resources for future economic development of the municipality. More than 50% of its territory is forests. 

The nature reserve “Chuprene” is situated in this municipality. Its area is 1439,2 h.a. It has been established with the aim to protect the most northern coniferous forests of spruce and pine-trees in Bulgaria. Other nature landmarks in the municipality are: the area “Bekinska shobarka” – near the village of Chuprene, “Replyanska glama”- near the village of Replyana, “Bela stena” near Dolni Lom, peak Midzhur, and peak "Tri Ushi", the caves “Levi suhi pech” and “Desni suhi pech” – Dolni Lom. 

Statistic data: 
Population (till 31.12.2018): 1 715 inhabitants
Settlements: 8 villages – the village of Chuprene (Municipal center), the village of Gorni Lom, the village of Dolni Lom, the village of Replyana, the village of Sredogriv, the village of Protopopintsi, the village of Varbovo.
Bigger settlements in the municipality: the village of Chuprene; the village of Gorni Lom.

Mayor: Mr. Vanyo Kostadinov Kostin 
Municipality contact data: 
Address: 55, “Asen Balkanski” Str. 
3950 Chuprene 
Tel: 09327/ 24 00; 09327/ 25 80; 
Fax: 09327/ 2580; 09327/ 24 02 

Chairman of Municipal Council: Mr. Bogomil Danchov Stankov 
Tel: 09327/ 2400; 0886 25 07 56 
Fax: 09327/ 2580; 09327/ 24 02 

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