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Bregovo municipality

Bregovo municipality is situated in the most northwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria, between the banks of the Danube and Timok rivers. To the West it borders with the Republic of Serbia (with Timok river), to the North with the Republic of Romania (with the Danube river), to the East, South and Southeast – with the municipalities of Boynitsa, Novo Selo and Vidin. 
On the territory of the municipality cross- border check point Bregovo is established, which is the most northern transport connection between Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Serbia, where contemporary Border veterinary point is established according all European requirements for border control and inspection on food of animal origin. Cross border checkpoint Bregovo is in the direction of second-class road 12 Vidin-Inovo-Bregovo–the border with Serbia and connects the towns of Bregovo and Negotin (Serbia). 
The relief in the municipality is plain and partially mountainous in the villages of Kosovo, Deleyna and Gamzovo. Bregovo municipality is an agricultural area, dependent on animal husbandry and plant growing as sources of incomes. The appropriate climate conditions and fat soil favour the development of crops growing for bread and for fodder, as well as vine-growing, fruit-growing, vegetables-growing, sheep breeding and cattle-breeding. 
The following historic places of interest are situated on the municipality territory: “Dortikum”(Roman castle) near the village of Vrav, the excavations near the village of Baley are dated back to Roman time, and Tartar well near the village of Kudelin. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 180
Population (till 31.12.2018): 4 498 inhabitants
Settlements: 1 town – Bregovo (municipality center); 9 villages – the villages of Gamzovo, Vrav, Rakitnitsa, Kosovo, Deleyna, Baley, Kudelin, Tiyanovtsi and Kalina.
Bigger settlements in the municipality: the town of Bregovo - 2 170 inhabitants.

Mayor: Mr. Milcho Lalov 
Municipality contact data: 
Address: ”Tsentralen”sq. 3790, Bregovo 
Tel: +359312/ 27 97; 39 12 
Fax: +359312/ 24 33 

Chairman of Municipality Council: Mr. Tsvetan Borisov Topchiev 
Tel: +3599312/ 39 16 

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