Vidin Region

Boynitsa municpality

Boynitsa municipality is situated in Northwestern Bulgaria, Vidin Region. The municipality center is 250km far from the capital – Sofia and 35km far from the regional center Vidin. To the South and southeast it borders with Kula Municipality, to the northeast with Bregovo Municipality and to the west with the Republic of Serbia. The average altitude of the municipality is about 350m. Boynishka, Rabrovska and Topolovska rivers flow though the municipality. 
The economic aspect of the municipality is determined basically by agriculture: 80,15% from the total surface of the municipality are agricultural fund, 14,85% are forest fund, 3,25% are built-up-area fund, 1,75% are water areas, roads, and infrastructure. The main branch in agriculture is farming, especially crops growing. 
Natural, cultural, and historic landmarks situated in the municipality are the cave monastery on the road to Rabrovo village, the remnants of Roman fortress “Petsino kale” in the village of Boynitsa, a waterfall on the border with Kula municipality. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 166
Population (till 31.12.2018): 936 inhabitants
Settlments: 8 villages: the village of Borilovets, village of Boynitsa (municipality center), village Gradskovski kolibi, village Kanits, village of Perilovets, village of Rabrovo, village Shipikova mahala, village of Shishentsi
Bigger settlements in the municipality: Village of Boynitsa; Village of Rabrovo

Mayor: Mrs. Aneta Stoykova Gencheva 
Municipality contact data: 
1, “Georgi Dimitrov”Str. 
3840 Boynitsa 
Tel.: +359 938/ 98802, 98803 

Chairman of the Municipality Council: Mrs. Gabriela Tosheva 

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