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Belogradchik municipality

Belogradchik municipality is situated in northwestern Bulgaria, Vidin Region. To the North, East, and South, it borders with the municipalities of Makresh, Dimovo, and Chuprene, and to the West it is bounded with the Republic of Serbia. The distance between Belogradchik and Sofia is 180 km, and it is 55 km to the regional center – the town of Vidin. 

The Archar and Stakevska rivers (the last is a tributary of Lom river) pass through the municipality as they take their sources from part in Stara Planina mountain called St. Nicola, and flow in the Danube river. The biggest water basin in the municipality is the Rabisha Lake with its 3250 decares of surface, which is from karst origin. The Rabisha Lake is situated at 20 km in northwestern direction from town of Belogradchik in the northern foot of Rabisha hill, adjacent to a village of the same name. 

he brunches that structure the local economy are agriculture, food-processing industry, timber industry and woodworking, light industry – production of spare parts, appliances and systems for reportable rail-way equipment, production of polythene packaging, production of telephone sets and spare parts for them. 
An agreement for establishing a cross-border check point on the boundary between Bulgaria and Serbia at the passage “ Kady Boaz” between the village of Salash, Belogradchik municipality and the village of Novo Korito, Knyazhevats municipality (Republic of Serbia) was signed in June 2007. The implementation of this project will have positive social and economic impact on the municipality and will allow the traditionally good relations on Bulgarian - Serbian boundary to continue to develop through increase of trade and cultural exchange, and activation of contacts and partnership in joint cross border cooperation projects. 
Bio diversity in the region is great. The following protected areas are situated on the municipality territory: 
Part from biosphere reserve Chuprene, natural landmark “Rocks of Belogradchik”, “Borov kamak”, the Magura cave, “White water” waterfall. Natural Park “Rocks of Belogradchik” is in procedure of establishing as a protected area. It will comprise of approximately 2/3 of the municipality territory. It is provided to include present natural areas “Rocks of Belogradchik”, “Borov kamak”, reserve “Chuprene”, natural area “Venetsa”, “White water” and other territories from 3 municipalities with total surface of over 20 000 hectares characterized by rich biodiversity, geomorphologic forms and rich historic heritage. 

Tourism is one of the basic factors for restoration of the region. Natural assets and culture-historic heritage of the municipality, among which is the nature phenomenon Rocks of Belogradchik, one of the best preserved fortresses in the country – the Roman fortress “Citadel”, the Magura cave, the Rabisha Lake, monastery school, etc. are preconditions for development a variety of types of tourism in Belogradchik municipality. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 411
Population (till 31.12.2018): 5 575 inhabitants
Settlements: 1 town – Belogradchik (center of municipality); 17 villages – villages of Borovitsa, Chiflik, Dabravka, Granichak, Granitovo, Krachimir, Oshane, Prauzhda, Prolaznitsa, Rabisha, Rayanovtsi, Salash, Slivovnik, Stakevtsi, Struindol, Varba, Veshtitsa.
Bigger settlements in the municipality: the town of Belogradchik - 4 508 inhabitants.

Mayor: Mr. Boris Nikolov 
Municipality Contact data: 
6, “Knyaz Boris I “Str. 
3900 Belogradchik 
Tel.: +359936/ 5 30 17; +359 879 145 320 
Fax: +359936/ 5 32 48 

Chairman of the Municipality Council: Mrs. Miroslava Dimitrova 
Tel.:+359936/ 30 83 
Fax: +359936/ 32 48 

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