TRANSDANUBE project - „ Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”


In the Conference hall 1 of Regional administration Vidin, was held the second workshop on project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”. 
The workshop was attended by hoteliers, restaurant owners, representatives of local business and tourism experts from the municipal administrations in Vidin region. 
In the beginning of the workshop Mrs. Desislava Obretenova, Project Manager of TRANSDANUBE for Regional administration Vidin introduced the project’s objectives, activities and partners. 
Mrs. Elena Petkova representative of „REGIOPLAN“ Ltd., presented the Analysis of the transport and tourism system in Vidin region, good practices and soft mobility packages in the region. 
There was a discussion with the tourism experts regarding the presented analysis. The attendees shared the opinion that should be directed more efforts for providing of tourist packages that offer 2-3 nights in the region. 
At the end of the meeting it was decided all of the hoteliers who want to promote their services through the project should provide, by the end of May, full characteristic of their buildings, tourist opportunities and accommodation points. 

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