Project TRANSDANUBE Workshops - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”


On March 20, 2013 in the Conference hall 1 of Regional administration Vidin, will be held two workshops concerning the activities of the Project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along Danube”. The main objective of the meetings will be to discuss the Analysis of the transport and tourism system in Vidin region as well as the good practices and the sustainable mobility offers in the region. The draft of the analysis will be presented by Mrs. Elena Petkova representative of the „REGIOPLAN“ Ltd. – the company won the tender for the provision of the above-mentioned services. 

The first meeting is starting at 10,30. 
The meeting will be attended by the representatives of the Regional administration Vidin, representatives of transport companies in the region and representatives of the contracting company per order „Preparation of the Analysis of the transport and tourism system in Vidin region. Good practices and sustainable mobility offers in the region”. 
With the local transport operators will be discussed issues related to their offers for transport services and opportunities to organize transport services for a specific tourist routes in the area including the cost of services. 

The second meeting is starting at 14,30 
The meeting will be attended by the representatives of the hotels and restaurants, representatives of local companies and tourism experts in the municipal administrations in the region. Mrs. Elena Petkova representative of the „REGIOPLAN“ Ltd. will present the draft of the analysis. The attendees will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the draft including making suggestions for improvement and also will be discussed the opportunities for tourism development in the region. 

The Project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube” is implemented under the South East Europe Program (SEE), priority „Improving the accessibility”. The project involved a total of 14 financial partners from Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Hungary. 

The main objective of the project Transdanube is the development of Sustainable Mobility along the Danube including train, bus, bike and shipping traffic to improve accessibility and facilitate the concept of sustainable tourism in the whole Danube region. The project is focused on the different forms of sustainable mobility and integrated regional and tourism development in the partner countries along the Danube. 

The main role of the Danube River is a transport route and tourist attraction but primarily as a linking point between the countries participating in South East Europe program. The Danube basin, for instance, features numerous touristic sites, cultural sites (sites of world cultural heritage) and the existing infrastructure are the basis for the development of new projects and attractions. 

The main objectives of the project are: 
• Maintenance and development of the existing transportation system and synchronization of the opportunities to travel by train, bus and ship with the development of tourist attractions. 
• Transnational transfer of know-how between the pilot regions and therefore to generate additional benefits from the project. 
• Increasing the share of sustainable mobility regarding the arrival and departure to/from partner regions. The Danube River will be the interconnection point for the regions. The additional offers will combine travel by bus or train with shipping. 
• Product development in cooperation with tour operators and regional tourism organizations including the local potential (culture, nature, tradition, soft skills). 
• Improving the quality of living and environmental standards due to the reduction of pollution caused by the individual traffic and public transport. 
• The increased cooperation and even the establishment of new collaborations between the partner regions, on the one hand, and between tourist destinations and places, on the other, should establish a basis for a future actions and cooperation after the end of the project. 
• The regional partners and the developed destinations should be promoted under a single and unique brand/label. 

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