Project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”


Today, representatives of the transport and tourism sector from Vidin region went on a study Visit to Austria in the framework of project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”. 
During the two-day visit in Vienna the attendees will visit the local companies and NGOs where they will have the opportunity to gather more information about the sustainable mobility in tourism. 
TRANSDANUBE aims to provide solutions for mobility management through sustainable accessibility and interconnectivity between the cities and regions along the Danube through green mobile transport like train, bus, ship and environmentally friendly alternative vehicles. A special attention is paid to the accessibility of the tourism areas and nature parks. Already, in the framework of the project are developed a Regional and Transnational reports on the current status of the sustainable mobility in the regions which is the basis of the Common vision for mobility in the Danube region. 
It is foreseen the development and implementation of transport offers, flexible mobility packages and regional marketing plans closely with key stakeholders at different levels. The available mobility offers will be presented through digital map which is another major output of the project. 
The implementation of the project will continue to 2014. 

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