Vidin Region

Kula municipality

Kula municipality is situated in the northwestern part of the country, Vidin Region. Its territory comprises parts of the Danubian plain and the utmost west spurs of Stara Planina mountain. The relief is hilly-plain, slightly slanted to the North and northeast and cut through by gulches and the valleys of Topolovets and Chichilska rivers. To the South and southeast the hilly rangers of the Pre-Balkan come one after another, in height from 300 to 500 meters. Kula Municipality borders with the municipalities of Vidin, Makresh, Gramada, Boynitsa, and Zaychar (the Republic of Serbia). In the direction of second-class road II 14 - ring road Vidin-Kula-Vrashka chuka-Serbian border is build up cross border checkpoint “Vrashka chuka.” The distance from it to the Serbian town of Zaychar is 11 km. 
Priority branches in the municipality development have agriculture, processing industry, and craftsmanship. Agriculture is traditional branch for Kula municipality. The existing soil and climate conditions and labour resources are favourable for its development. The total agricultural land is 216 141 decares as 191 453 decares are cultivated. There are 59 015 decares forest fund from primarily broad-leaved forests. The presence of big artificial dams (five dams stocked with fish) in the municipality and the great game variety are preconditions for development of hunting and fishery tourism. Nature reserve “Vrashka chuka”, situated on the municipality territory, it is a habitat of rare and unique species as Bulgarian eranthis, Crocus tommasinianus, Potential nicicici etc.It is situated in the land of the village of Izvor Mahala and covers the surface of 67.6 hectares. 

On the base of the existing historic and nature landmarks cultural tourism development is among the municipal priorities, including the transfrontier tourist exchange with the Republic of Serbia. In the center of the town of Kula are situated the remains of the ancient Roman fortress “Castra Martis” in vicinity of which is organized a museum exhibition of exhibits found during the archaeological excavations of the same fortress. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 291  
Population(till 31.12.2018): 3 654 inhabitants
Settlements: 1 town – Kula (municipal center); 8 villages – the villages of Chichil, Golemanovo, Izvor mahala, Kosta perchevo, Poletkovtsi, Staropatitsa,Topolovets, Tsar Petrovo
Bigger settlements in the municipality: town of Kula - 2 618 inhabitants

Mayor: Mr. Vladimir Vladimirov 
Municipality contact data: 
Address: 38, Vazrajdane Str. 
3800 Kula 
Tel: +359938/ 320 20 
Fax: +359938/ 322 25 

Chairman of Municipality Council: Mr. Dimitar Tsankov 
Tel: +359938/ 3 20 20 
Fax: +359938/ 3 22 25 

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