Vidin Region

Dimovo municipality

Dimovo Municipality is situated in the Northwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria, Vidin region. It borders with 6 other municipalities from the same region – Belogradchick, Ruzhintsi, Gramada, Chuprene, Makresh, and Vidin, with Lom Municipality from Montana Region, and through the Danube River to north/northeast with the Republic of Romania. The municipality is characterized with good transport accessibility. International road E 79 crosses the municipality – Romanian border - ring road Vidin-Dimovo-Montana-Vratsa-Sofia-border with Greece, which is part of Transeuropean corridor No 4; the ferryboat line Vidin-Kalafat is at 30 km from the town and cross border check point Vrashka chuka, at 50 km is Bregovo cross border checkpoint. The section from railroad Vidin-Sofia, which passes through the municipality is 38km. The service is performed at two rail road stations - Dimovo and Oreshets. The municipality has predominantly hilly-plain relief, comprising parts of the Danubian plain, in which is the Archar area situated, and turns to partially mountainous relief near the town of Dimovo and the village of Oreshets; the altitude changes from + 42 m to + 900 m. 

The territory is drained by the Danubian tributaries – Archar River, Skomlya River, Belshtitsa River, and Lom River. The flow of these rivers through the municipality, its situation at the Danubian bank in Archar area, and the presence of six small dams (at Varbovchets, Medovnitsa, Shipot, Skomlya, Yarlovitsa) give good opportunities for development of vegetables-growing and fishery-farming. 
Leading branches in the municipal economy are trade and services, agriculture and processing industry. Regarding employed and registered enterprises in services small business is predominant. Agriculture is also important as a source of incomes and employment. In Dimovo municipality, there are resources for large scaled tenant farms as well as for small-scaled family farms. At the present moment, bigger part of the cultivated land is sown with cereals as wheat, barley and maize. The favourable climate and soil conditions suppose possibility for developing vegetables growing, vine growing, and fruit growing. There is a tradition in growing essential oil-bearing cultures, herbs and medicinal plants. Over 70 species thrive on the municipal territory, part of them are of commercial importance. There is a tendency to develop pure ecological agriculture and to connect the produces of common interest, including enterprises processing agricultural production, which might stimulate the farm producers. 

As a precondition for tourist development the existing natural assets, the geographical position, and the proximity to tourist places of interest of national and international significance are signified by plates. The area around railway station Oreshets is rich in caves of karst origin; the “Venets” and “Kozarnika” caves are bigger and more easily accessible among them. The archeological complex “Ratsiaria” is situated in the area of the village of Archar, on the remnants of ancient Roman town of the same name, which sprang in the beginning of the first century BC as a military center on the northern boundary of the Roman province Miziya. The Holly Virgin monastery is situated at 2 km in southern direction from the village of Izvor. 

Statistic data: 
Area: 402,5
Population (till 31.12.2018): 5 596 citizens
Settlements: 1 town – the town of Dimovo (municipality center); 22 villages – the villages of Archar, Bela, Darzhanitsa, Dalgo pole, Izvor, Karbintsi, Kladorub, Kostichovtsi, Lagoshevtsi, Mali Drenovets, Medovnitsa, Oreshets, Gara Oreshets, Ostrokaptsi, Septemvriytsi, Shipot, Skomlya, Varbovchets, Vladichentsi, Vodnyantsi, Yanyovets, Yarlovitsa
Bigger settlements in the municipality: the town of Dimovo - 1 029 inhabitants; the village of Archar; the village of Gara Oreshets.

Mayor: Mr. Lozan Lozanov 
Municipality contact data: 
137, G. Dimirtov Str. 
3750 Dimovo 
Tel: +35994/ 601 272; +3599341/ 2260 
Fax: +35994/ 601272 

Chairman of Municipal Council: 
Mr. Dobromir Todorov 
Tel:+3599341/ 2260; +35994/ 601272 
Fax: +35994/ 601272 

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