Vidin Region should be promoted through a single tourist product, decided members of the Regional Advisory Council for Tourism


County Tourism Advisory Council meeting held today, which was initiated and managed by the Deputy Governor of Vidin Region Mr. Lyubomir Nizamov. The meeting was attended by the Regional Governor of Vidin Region Mr. Plamen Stefanov. The Council members discussed participation in the field of international tourist fair \"Holiday Expo 2012\" and the upcoming projects and activities for the year 2012. 

The International tourist fair \"Holiday Expo 2012\" will be held in Sofia from 16th to 18th February, 2012. Mrs. Marieta Georgieva, Principal of Vocational School \"Prof. Dr. A. Zlatarov\" and Mr. Evtim Stefanov, executive director of the \"Regional Development Agency and Business Centre \"- Vidin, were decided to take the responsibility for organizing and preparing the presentation of Vidin Region at the tourist fair. The rental costs of the stand, which will occupy nine square meters of exhibition space, will be taken from \"Regional Development Agency and Business Centre\" - Vidin. 

For the first time Bulgaria, Vidin Region in particular will present in Offenburg the opportunities for tourism, cultural heritage and wine-producing in from 29th September 2012 to 07th October 2012. In the invitation of the German Region Ortenau expressed a wish the Governor Plamen Stefanov to open the exhibition. He expressed the view that representatives of the tourist sector should actively participate in such exhibitions. During the Tourist Council municipalities Kula and Chuprene declared their participation in the prestigious exhibition. 

The Regional Governor stated that on 16th December, at 11.00 a.m. in the Conference Room of Regional Administration - Vidin will be held a work meeting with the mayors of Vidin region to acquaint them with the requirements for participation at the exhibition in Germany. Until 20th December municipalities in the region should decide whether to participate and how they will show their tourist potential. 

Dr. Tsvetan Tsenkov, Deputy Mayor of Vidin Municipality, responsible for humanitarian and social policy, invited the municipalities in the region to join the initiated by the biggest municipality project to develop a common tourist product. Mr. Stefanov and his deputy supported the idea and stressed the need to work together and create a tourist product, which can make steps towards the general development of the area as a tourist destination. Mr. Plamen Stefanov said he would expect at the next meeting of the Council of Tourism Mr. Tsenkov to inform him about the municipalities, which will join the project. 

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