The regional leadership welcomed the 10th million vehicle on Danube Bridge 2


The Regional governor Ivo Atanasov and the Deputy regional governor Ani Arutyunyan were invited to the border crossing by the management of Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat JSC. Among the official guests were also representatives of the services from the town of Kalafat.

On the way back from Great Britain, on entering Bulgaria, the Plovdiv-registered truck of Stanislav Kozhuharov from Dimitrovgrad became the jubilee vehicle that crossed the second bridge over the Danube River. The international driver received gifts from the management of the mixed Bulgarian-Romanian company.

The regional leadership once again drew attention to the problem of the kilometer-long queues on the bridge infrastructure and expressed the hope that after the acceptance of our country into Schengen, the traffic will gradually normalize.

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