The Regional Governor Plamen Stefanov met with his Excellency James Warlick, U.S. Ambassador


The Regional Governor of Vidin Region Plamen Stefanov and his deputies Elka Georgieva and Lubomir Nizamov met with His Excellency James Warlick, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria. He was accompanied by Bill Soli, a diplomat from the embassy’s political department. During the meeting Mr. Warlick expressed interest in the development of Vidin. 
Mr. Stefanov highlighted the main priorities for the region that are agriculture and tourism. Key priorities for the region are agriculture and tourism, said Mr. Stefanov. According to him it is necessary to resume irrigated agriculture and to create conditions for investments in processing plant for fruits and vegetables. His Excellency James Warlick discussed the opportunity to restore the Synagogue and to turn it into a tourist attraction with the Regional Governor of Vidin. 
U.S. Ambassador, the governor and the mayor of Vidin Municipality Gergo Gergov visited The Complex for Social Services - Vidin, built with the help of UNICEF. 

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