The regional governor of Vidin Region, Mr. Plamen Stefanov opened the final meeting under the international project with focus on traditional crafts


Final meeting under an international pilot project with a focus on traditional crafts \"Dolj-Vidin\" was held in \"Baba Vida\" medieval fortress. In his opening speech, the governor of Vidin Region, Mr. Plamen Stefanov said that he has supported the project implementation in order to help the activity of Vidin craftsmen. \"Both neighboring regions have developed lasting relationships with one another and should continue to establish new relations with other towns along the Danube. “As a representative of the state authority I will continue to support partnerships, which promote the region as tourist destination\", said Mr. Stefanov. Official guests of the meeting were Emil Tsankov, mayor of Belogradchik and Ivanela Andreeva, Secretary General of Vidin Municipality. 
Georgi Tabakov, Chairman of Bulgarian Economic Forum pointed out that the pilot project \"Dolj-Vidin\" is part of the international \"DATOURWAY” project - transnational strategy for sustainable territorial development of Danube region, which is financed under the South East Europe Operational Program. The project is implemented by the Bulgarian Economic Forum from Bulgarian side; Romanian partners are the National Institute for Research and Development of Tourism and the National Institute for Research and Development URBANPROIECT. Seven countries along the Danube present their traditional crafts; the activity is coordinated by 16 organizations. 
A research on existing crafts has been done jointly with Vidin Regional Chamber of Crafts; the study shows how the crafts are being developed and which of them are most practiced. „Folk and art crafts are almost not transferred in some places in Vidin region. Fairs and exhibitions should be organized in more attractive way in order to show the wealth of crafts in a given area, \"said the Chairman of Bulgarian Economic Forum. He thanked Mr. Plamen Stefanov for the assistance provided in realizing contacts with cultural institutions in Vidin. 
2000 handbooks, elaborated in English and containing information about crafts and tourist attractions in both areas will be disseminated among embassies, partners of Bulgarian Economic Forum and travel agencies. They are going to be presented during exhibitions and conferences. The tourist route - Chiprovtsi Belogradchik, Calafat, Craiova and Vidin was also developed under this project. 
Project managers from Romanian side - Stanku Elena and Roxana Shtefanoy expressed their opinion that tourism development should be a priority for Calafat. According to Mrs. Shtefanoy more programs for tourism development should be developed in order to improve the access to the Romanian town through the establishment of a port and modernization of tourist infrastructure. „ Calafat possesses great potential for the development of water, rural and cultural tourism\", concluded Mrs. Roxanne Shtefanoy. 

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