The Regional Governor of Vidin region Eng. Tsvetan Asenov was a host of the “Partnership Forum” with the participation of municipalities and non- governmental organizations from Vidin region and the Bohr and Zajecar regions- Republic of Serbia


In the Conference centre in the Regional Administration of Vidin was held “Partnership Forum”. The Forum opened the Regional Governor of Vidin Eng. Tsvetan Asenov. In the welcoming he underlined the fixed partnership and the cooperation, built between the Regional Administration of Vidin and the Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia- Zajecar. The Regional Governor said that the good relations are made in a process of a common preparation, project creation and application. “I hope that in a result of this meeting today will be made fixed contacts, which will grow in common projects of the Bulgarian and Serbian municipalities and organizations”, said in conclusion Eng. Tsvetan Asenov. 
The initiative “Partnership Forum” was held in a relation to the project application on the Cross- Border Bulgaria- Serbia program. The main goal is to establish and strengthen the partnerships between the Bulgarian and Serbian municipalities and the non- governmental organizations (NGO`s). 
The participants were given general priorities of possible areas for intervention and cooperation in “VIZABO” (an acronym of Vidin, Zajecar, Bohr).The priorities were generated as a result of a prepared comparative analysis on strategic documents for the Vidin region development Updated document for the implementation of Regional Development Strategy of Vidin 2009- 2013 and Timok region / Strategy of Regional Development 2012- 2015 Timok Region/. In the comparative analysis basis stands the view that the two regions have common socio- economic problems, which gives the opportunity through joint planning and partnership between the institutions and structures from both sides of the border to achieve sustainable development and effective usage of regional resources. 
From Bulgarian side in the forum participated the Deputy Regional Governor of Vidin Eng. Lyubomir Nizamov, Gergo Gergov, the Mayor of Vidin and mayors from Vidin district. From Serbian side participated the heads of Zajecar and Bohr, Regional Chamber of Commerce- Zajecar, Management Faculty- Zajecar, representatives from Bohr, Negotin, Boljevac, Majdanpek, Knjazevac and Kladovo municipalities. 
The activity was organized jointly by Regional Administration of Vidin and Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia /RARIS/, county Zajecar. 

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