The Regional Governor of Vidin gave an extensive interview with the Belgian Business Channel Z.


On 18th of November the Regional Governor of Vidin gave an extensive interview with the Belgian Business Channel Z. The main focus in the interview was on the conditions for business investment in Vidin region and benefits from the opening of Danube Bridge 2. 
As advantages for attracting investments in the field Eng. Asenov stressed the importance of: 
The favorable location of the region – the passage of two trans-European corridors through the region of Vidin - ¹ 4 Dresden / Nuremberg-Prague-Vienna/ Bratislava-Budapest-Craiova ( Romania)- Vidin- Sofia- Salonika / Plovdiv - Istanbul Danube ¹ 7 (Rhine-Main-Danube); 
Turning Vidin into an intermodal terminal and logistics center of Bulgarian and trans- European network for multimodal transport, through which pass European transport corridors 4 and 7; 
Existence of natural and tourist attractions, historical and cultural institutions, nature reserves; 
Availability of natural resources - plaster, marble, mineral springs near the town of Vidin, etc.; 
A very good cross institutional links with neighboring regions in Romania and Serbia; 
Favorable agro-climatic conditions, fertile agricultural land and opportunities for organic farming; 
Preserved traditions and customs. 

The Regional Governor pointed out in the interview that at a national level, the government supports and assists the investment climate by: 
Economic and political stability; 
The lowest corporate tax in EU- 10 %; 
Zero percent capital gains tax for investments in 10 municipalities in Vidin region / without Vidin Municipality /; 
5% tax on dividends; 
10% \ flat rate \ "on the income of individuals; 
Lowest operating costs in the EU. 

In a conclusion, Mr. Tsvetan Asenov generalized that thanks to the joint efforts of the government and local authorities Vidin is an attractive tourist and business destination that continues to evolve. 
Along with the improved road infrastructure, sustainable social and educational system is built a working inter-institutional mechanism that is important to make things happen in the region. 

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