The Regional Governor of Vidin and the Mayor of Vidin Municipality greeted each other with the new 2013 year.


The Regional Governor of Vidin, Eng. Tsvetan Asenov and the Mayor of Vidin Municipality, Gergo Gergov greeted each other with the new 2013 year. 
The event was attended by the Deputy Regional Governors - Mrs. Elka Georgieva and Eng. Lyubomir Nizamov, Deputy Mayors of Vidin Municipality - Mrs. Borislava Borissova and Eng. Dobromir Dilov, as well as media representatives in the field. 
Eng Asenov and Mr. Gergov expressed their will and desire to continue cooperation between state and local authorities. 
Both leaders reported progress in the development of the region and the municipality, thanks to the government\'s objective attitude towards the region and the efforts of local authorities. 

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