The Regional Governor of Vidin and business Delegation from the district visited Lecco province, Italy


The Regional Governor of Vidin Eng. Tsvetan Asenov and business Delegation from the district visited Lecco province, Lombardia region, Italy in the period from19th to 22nd of November. 
The visit of the Bulgarian Delegation in Italy was by invitation of the Industrialists Confederation in Lecco, part of who visited Vidin region in the end of June 2012. 
During his visit to the province of Lecco, the Regional Governor and Business representatives attended the conference, where they discussed the investment opportunities of Italian companies in Vidin region. 
The Bulgarian Delegation showed three presentations to the Italian audience. The attendants were met with the opportunities for investment in the district- rich cultural- historical inheritance, favorable climate conditions, fertile agricultural land and opportunities for organic agriculture, including and prerequisites for turning Vidin in a logistics center for multimodal transport in Northwestern Bulgaria. 
At the press- conference Eng. Tsvetan Asenov highlighted the zero percent capital gains tax for investments in 10 municipalities in Vidin Region 
As main areas for investment in Vidin region are pointed out the light industry, including food processing industry with direction canning business, agriculture, in particular the development of organic farming and the development of alternative energy sources. 
During his visit to Italy, the Regional Governor held a meeting with the Vice President of Province of Lecco, Mr. Antonello Formenti, who is also an advisor to the President of the Province on issues, related to the budget, heritage and public property. The meeting was attended by Mr. Pasquini, Advisor to the President of the Province of Lecco. During the meeting Mr. Asenov provided detailed information on the investment profile of Vidin region. 
It was held a workshop in the Commercial Chamber in Begamo, where it was discussed the investment perspective in Vidin region. 
In the Bulgarian Delegation team participated representatives of the local business in the field of agriculture, trade and services, construction, farming, processing of dairy products. 
In Italy the Bulgarian Delegation visited the production facilities of leading construction companies, dairy producing company, fruit and vegetables producers, offering an innovative approach for their growing, interior company and others. The visits were organized into thematic modules depending on the area of activity of the Bulgarian companies. 
During his visit to Province of Lecco, Italy, the Business representatives of Vidin region have made a direct contact with the Italian companies, interested in their field of activity. 

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