The Regional Governor Eng.Tsvetan Asenov held a meeting with the mayors of the area.


The Regional Governor of Vidin Eng. Tsvetan Asenov held a working meeting with the mayors of the area and discussed the winter situation in the region. The meeting was attended by his deputies – Elka Georgieva and Lubomir Nizamov. 
The mayor of Boynitsa, Aneta Gencheva, said they already have access to the villages. Only in village Kanitz remains a problem with the supplying ten of its inhabitants with bread and medicines, since last Wednesday. According to her, a team of the company that keeps the roads passable in Boynitsa, would go on site to assess how this situation should be resolved.
It was not cleared the entire road to the village Izvor mahala, Boynitsa. It is expected the area to be opened to traffic in the afternoon, Aneta Gencheva assured. The municipality Gramada does not have destitute settlements, but it remains difficult to get to the villages Brankovtsi, Medeshevci and Boyanovo. The mayor Nikolai Gergov sure to February 22 Wednesday will ensure access to these locations. There is no interrupted transport links and has not had to be closed to traffic road sections in the municipality Bregovo, said the mayor Milcho Lalov. 
In the municipality of Kula should be cleaned 200-300 meters from the road section between the villages Topolovets and Car Petrovo, said the mayor Dr. Vladimir Vladimirov. 
The municipality Dimovo situation returns to normal, yet clean 200-meters stretch of road to the village of Mali Drenovets. The mayor of Rujinsi, Ventsislav Vankov, said the traffic situation in the municipality is normal. 
The Regional Governor of Vidin Eng. Tsvetan Asenov put forward the idea of creating an Advisory Board for Economic Development in Vidin, which brings together local, state and business to support the economic revival of the region. Hopefully by the end of March this council for Economic Development should start to work, accentuated Eng. Asenov. 
Deputy Regional Governor Lubomir Nizamov reminded mayors that are required to report on its work in crisis last year, according to the Law of Disaster Management. 
Deputy Regional Governor Elka Georgieva asked the mayors to support in regulating normal learning process in Vidin region. She explained that it is their duty to provide heating in the classrooms and the normal movement of students and teachers. 

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