The Deputy Regional Governor of Vidin Mrs. Elka Georgieva participated in a roundtable, where the project “European models of service in hotels and restaurants” was presented.


The Deputy Regional Governor of Vidin Mrs. Elka Georgieva participated in a roundtable, where were presented the implementation results of the project for mobility- “European models of service in hotels and restaurants” on section program “Leonardo Da Vinci”. There participated experts from the Regional Administration of Vidin, representatives from the FCC Company, which is building the Danube Bridge 2, and parents. 
The Deputy Regional Governor welcomed all of the managers and participants in the project. “Professional School for Clothing and Food “Mihalki Georgiev” in Vidin has established on the territory of Vidin region as a school, which creates and displays extremely well trained and skilled people, who had successfully realized themselves. Through the participation in our project we have proved that our children can be competitive in the European labor market. I want to greet everyone who had the courage and confidence to stand up and stay next to the European qualification training organizations. I wish students to have successful realization, so that they can feel satisfied from what they are doing. I wish their parents to support them, because they have already proven their ability. I wish teachers to stay strict in the students training, and we will support this activity”, Mrs. Georgieva said. 
Silvia Strezova, Head of “Strategic and planning documents” in the Regional Administration of Vidin presented the opportunities for continuing professional training of graduates from Vidin region through a pilot qualified program, which is jointly made by the districts of Vidin and Ortenau, Germany. Mrs. Mandjukova said that this is a great opportunity for the students to continue their future career development. 
Through a presentation was shown the two- week practical training of 15 students from the Professional School of Clothing and Food “Mihalki Georgiev” in Granada, Spain. 
They are specializing in “Hotel administrator”, “Restaurateur- catering” and “Cook” and they participate in the real work process of hotels and restaurants. The main goals of the implemented practice are: learning modern professional skills through meeting with the different cooking technologies, which are typical for the Spanish kitchen, as well as acquiring a linguistic competence through successful communication when serving the guests in hotels and restaurants. The Director of the school and Project Manager- Evlogia Mandjukova said that during the practice the students met with the European hygiene rules, quality indicators and style of serving. 
Mrs. Georgieva gave to the students Europass Mobility certificates, certifying that their owners have the quality of professional training, which they can practice in the EU borders. The participants in the project received two more certificates- for professional preparation and training in Spanish language. 

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