The Deputy regional governor Ani Arutyunyan joined the celebrations on the occasion of St. Demetrius Day


The celebration of the spiritual holiday of the city of Vidin began with the Bishop's Holy Liturgy in the cathedral church "St. Dimitar Solunski, officiated by His Eminence Metropolitan Daniil of Vidin, after which a traditional lithic procession left for “Bdintsi” square. "Let us always proudly carry majestic Vidin in our hearts!" May this day be filled with optimism, faith in good and hope for a better future", says the congratulation of the Regional governor, Ivo Atanasov. Mr. Atanasov also addressed the builders, architects and planners in the city on the occasion of their professional holiday today, wishing them to continue building with love the old capital of Vidin.

On the central square, the dancers from the "Svetal Den-2009" CC greeted all the citizens of Vidin and guests of the city. The winners of the essay contest on the topic: "What would I do for my Vidin?" were also awarded at the festive ceremony.

The St. Demetrius Day program continues throughout the day on "Bdintsi" square with a concert by the City Wind Orchestra from 5:00 p.m., before which a children's art workshop is organized under the title "Vidin - my beloved hometown" and a street performance - clowning based on the lyrics of Carlo's Gozzi and Jacques Préver.

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