Regional administration Vidin - with a contribution to the national cause "Let's clean Bulgaria together"


The employees joined the largest volunteer initiative in the area of the medieval fortress "Baba Vida". The low and high terrace were cleared of shrubby and woody vegetation, and a large amount of waste was collected. Many volunteers participated in the 11th edition of the campaign - citizens who want to live in a cleaner town of Vidin.

The Deputy regional governor Ani Arutyunyan noted the importance of the campaign and stated that similar actions should be held more often during the year. "Let's be the good example - consistent and responsible to nature! Let's continue the cause. May each of us, every day, show concern and attitude towards ecology, Mrs. Arutyunyan also said.

She urged the residents and guests of Vidin not to pollute the environment, by disposing of their waste only in the designated places.

World Cleanup Day continues. It is held under the patronage of the European Parliament, with the support of the United Nations.

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