Priorities for development submitted to the meeting of mayors of 11 municipalities in Vidin Region


The Regional Council for Development held its next meeting under the chairmanship of the Regional Governor Mr. Plamen Stefanov. The meeting involved the Deputy Regional Governor Lyubomir Nizamov. The Mayors of Kula and Chuprene, Dr. Vladimir Vladimirov and Mr. Vanyo Kostin were unanimously elected members of the Regional Development Council of the Northwest Planning Region (from the quota of the Region in accordance to Art.18 paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Law on Regional Development and pursuant to Art. 44, paragraph 4 of the Regulations for Implementing the Law on Regional Development). 

The mayors of 11 municipalities in Vidin Region presented the main priorities for development of the related settlement, which will be implemented during 2012. Their efforts will be aimed at reducing unemployment, attracting investments, improving infrastructure and social services, development agriculture and tourism, preservation of the cultural and natural wealth. 

The Regional Governor explained to the audience, he can assist the natural resources, which are state property to be transferred to municipal management in order their financing by European funds and programmes as tourist attractions to become possible. 

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