Press conference of the Regional governor of the Vidin region, Ivo Atanasov, before the elections for municipal councilors and mayors


Before the upcoming local vote on 29.10.2023, the Regional governor of the Vidin region, Ivo Atanasov, announced that in the region, which is struggling with serious demographic challenges, there is an increase in newly registered residents at a permanent and current address. During a press conference in the press club of BTA-Vidin, Mr. Atanasov presented information about the checks of address registrations that were made in the period 01.05.2022 - 30.04.2023.

The reason for checking the address registrations is information, received by the Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Andrey Tsekov, about the upcoming local vote on 29.10.2023. The most striking cases of new registrations are in the municipality of Vidin - 2,075 on current address and 884 on permanent. From what Mr. Atanasov presented, in the municipality of Belogradchik there are 197 newly registered persons with a current address, and 73 with a permanent address, in the municipality of Boynitsa there are 73 out of 38, in the municipality of Bregovo - 233 out of 55, 157 out of 25 in the municipality of Gramada, municipality of Dimovo - 359 to 120, in Kula municipality there are 203 to 47, Makresh municipality - 296 to 17, in Ruzhintsi municipality - 256 to 91, and in Chuprene municipality - 135 to 24.

To a journalist's question regarding yesterday's appointment of acting mayor of the municipality of Vidin, Yulian Petrov, Ivo Atanasov replied that it came about after the municipal council in Vidin did not make a decision in time. "I needed a person who would bring calm to the administration, who would not be forced to vote under pressure for a certain candidate. Elections must be fair and voting should be done according to conscience," explained Ivo Atanasov. Mr. Atanasov emphasized the importance of the fairness of the election process.

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