On 25th of July 2012 Regional Administration of Vidin will celebrate the European Road Safety Day


By decision of the European Commission, 25th of July is announced to be the 4th European Road Safety Day. Its first celebration was on 27th of April 2007 by the European Commission initiative, implementing the common strategy for decreasing the number of victims, who died in accidents on the European roads.
The main goal of the European Road Safety Day is to increase the responsibility to road safety from citizens and individual institutions, the best European practices to become accessible for a wider audience, to find ways for achieving the better understanding between the road participants, and to work for a more safety roads in Europe.
The road safety is an important socio- economic problem. Road accidents lead to enormous social and economic losses for the society. Road accidents are becoming a serious problem of the Bulgarian health care, as they have direct influence on the deaths and diseases of people.
The leading theme of the 4th European Road Safety Day is: “Active youth participation in road safety”.
The main goal that we all want to accomplish is to increase the sensitivity and the responsibility of young people to road safety. To be made appropriate conditions for the young people to actively participate in a change, and attitudes, organization and presentation of specific events to improve road safety in regions.
We are sure, that everyone, not only this day, is concerned and we want a change in this direction. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate our efforts to form in an early age a culture for a safe participation in traffic, to increase the information between young people for the need to comply the traffic regulations as a condition to protect their life and the life of other people on the road.
Only the united efforts of parents, families, schools and universities, municipalities, in which we live, governmental institutions, non- governmental and branch institutions, business and media can provide our safety roads. Let us try on this day the concern about the senseless victims from road accidents to reach wider audience and as a main motive for traffic rules compliance to be the health care and human life.

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