News The Regional Governor of Vidin Region Plamen Stefanov will support the organization of events, showing the cultural traditions of ethnic groups


Today, the Regional Governor of Vidin Region Plamen Stefanov participated in a workshop on \"Integration of bilingual children through education and culture\", part of a two-day national conference \"Quality Education for all.\" The Regional Governor said that the conference was a result of the dedication and the will of the management team of the primary school \"Episkop Sophronii Vrachanski\" - Vidin to have a positive attitude to bilingual children. In his words state and local authority structures are engaged to solve the problems of ethnic groups. \"We must do everything possible for our children to live in normal conditions, to educate and work for the prosperity of Vidin Region. The integration process will require many years but our task is it to be inherited and passed to the coming generations”, said Mr. Plamen Stefanov. He expressed readiness to assist in organizing such events, and activity of NGOs and cultural organizations is expected. 
Georgi Krastev, Vice-President of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues, added that integration is based on the approach to the individual. He concluded that the approach is an important and successful model in the implementation of the integration process. 
In front of the official guests Simeon Blagoev, an expert in the Ministry of Culture said that citizens need to show respect to European ethnic minorities. 
The ambition of the organizers from school \"Episkop Sophronii Vratchanski\" - Vidin is to organize conferences annually in which the integration process to be enhanced and carried out through cultural activities. 
Attendees discussed the possibility in 2012 to organize an international XI ethno festival for songs and dances, covering the countries along the Danube. 
Danko Dimitrov, a former consultant to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Metodi Filchev, art director of the dance ensemble at the school, \"Episkop Sophronii Vratchanski \" - Vidin shared the point of view that cultural interaction through inter-ethnic tolerance is transmitted to the community. 

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