Newly elected municipal councils in Boynitsa, Gramada and Makresh municipalities took oaths


The ceremonial meetings were chaired by the oldest municipal councilors in the presence of the Regional governor of Vidin region, Ivo Atanasov. "Deserving trust is not one of the easiest things, justifying it is even more complicated and responsible. For this, I wish everyone present today to work with the improvement and development of the municipality in mind, in harmony and understanding for the sake of the people. Don't forget that they are Your truest corrector! Earn their respect every day! Stand up for your principles, pay attention to the little things and let every problem find its adequate solution in your new mandate!" said Mr. Atanasov in his greeting.

In the municipality of Boynitsa, the session was opened by the 70-year-old Mr. Tsvetan Madjarski, as chairman, for another term, Mrs. Gabriela Gencheva - Nikolova was unanimously elected with 10 votes "FOR". The meeting in the Gramada municipality was chaired by the 60-year-old Mr. Ognyan Georgiev, who also became the chairman of the municipal council for the third time. A new chairman was elected in the village of Makresh - Mr. Tsvetan Georgiev. The oldest municipal councilor there is the 79-year-old, two-term mayor of the municipality, Mr. Pero Vasilev.

The elected mayors and municipal councilors of the first round of the 2023 local elections also signed affidavits and received their certificates from the representatives of the municipal election commissions in the three municipalities.

In the smallest municipality of Boynitsa, Mrs. Aneta Gencheva, nominated by PP GERB, was re-elected for the fifth consecutive mayoral term, the village of Rabrovo will again be headed by Galina Vakaritsova. Milcho Bashev was re-elected mayor of Gramada municipality. In the municipality of Makresh, Mitko Antov from the coalition "BSP for Bulgaria" is still in the mayoral seat, in the villages of Podgore and Rakovitsa - the former Iliya Ivanov and Nikolay Nenchev.

By the end of the week, the newly elected municipal councils in the municipalities of Belogradchik, Chuprene, Ruzhintsi, Bregovo and Novo Selo will meet for the first time.

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