Mrs. Elka Georgieva, the Deputy Regional Governor of Vidin, opened the seminar on \


The Deputy Regional Governor Mrs Elka Georgieva of Vidin opened a workshop on \"Cross-border cooperation in restoring family links\". The two- day seminar is organized by the Bulgarian Red Cross- Vidin and Serbian Red Cross- Zajecar, with the support of the Regional Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross / ICRC / in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. 
The event is held under Strategy 2008 - 2018 the ICRC to restore family links and its main objectives are to improve the capacity and performance of reconstruction activities in family relations in a disaster situation, creating conditions for better coordination and coherence in the actions of fugitive in disaster and crisis situations, sharing best practices and identify concrete steps to increase the capacity and opportunities at the regional level. 
Mrs Georgieva welcomed the participants in the seminar and pointed out the importance of coordination between all institutions when it is necessary to work in emergency and crisis situations. 
The Deputy Regional Governor met the attendees with the joint activities between Regional Administration Vidin, the Bulgarian Red Cross, Regional Police Directorate Vidin and other territorial units in the development of the Regional Action Plan for temporary protection / adopted in 2011/ , and during the National Exercise “Guardian- 2012” in Vidin. 
Last but not least. Mrs Georgieva expressed the commitment and willingness of Regional Administration Vidin for a future common work with the structures of the Red Cross, representatives from local authorities and public bodies, both in Bulgaria and Romania and Serbia. 

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