Mid-Term Conference and the Third Partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube ” in Bratislava


The representatives of Regional administration Vidin will participate in the Mid-Term Conference and the Third partner meeting on project “TRANSDANUBE - Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube” that will be held between September 17-19, 2013 in Bratislava. 
On the Mid-Term Conference will be presented the first results of the project implementation. The representatives of Regional administration Vidin will take part in the discussions related with the Regional Action plans and the development of sustainable mobility offers. Also will be exchanged information about the tourist packages for sustainable mobility in tourism which are one of the main outputs of the project TRANSDANUBE. 

During the partner meeting it is foreseen to be discussed the current financial status of the project activities, communication activities, transnational cooperation, Common Marketing Strategy and the informational system for mobility in tourism. 

The Regional governor of Vidin region, Dipl. Eng. Krastyo Spasov, signed the Common Vision for Mobility in Tourism: 
The common vision and aim is to develop a Danube region, which provides socially fair, economically viable, environmentally friendly and health promoting mobility and tourism for citizens and guests of the region by developing of climate friendly, low-carbon and low-emission, multimodal and efficient transport systems and sustainable tourism services based on renewable energy sources, saving energy and resources, preserving natural and cultural heritage and taking care of the sensitive Danube ecosystems and landscapes while at the same time ensuring sustainable regional development and offering new chances for green economy and green jobs in the region. 

TRANSDANUBE aims to develop the sustainable mobility along the Danube through the promotion of alternative models of transport – train, bus, bicycle and ship and to spread the concept for sustainable development of tourism in the Danube region. The project is financed by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme and there are 14 financing partners from 6 countries and more than 35 strategic partners and observers. TRANSDANUBE contributes to achieving the objectives of the European polices and strategies and particularly the implementation of the European Strategy for the Danube region. 

During the two years of the project implementation will be developed an International report about the status of the sustainable mobility in the Danube region and a Common Vision for Soft Mobility in Tourism. Also in the framework of the project will be developed: Regional action plans, sustainable transport offers, soft mobility tourism packages, digital map that provides information about the available mobility, soft mobility tourism packages and Regional marketing plans. The implementation of the project will continue to September 2014. 

You could find more information about the project on the following website: 

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