First meetings of the municipal councils - also in the municipalities of Bregovo and Novo Selo


The Deputy regional governor Ani Arutyunyan opened the solemn sessions. "In the next 4 years, You will have the power on which the development and prosperity of Your municipality depends. Because now its future is in Your hands, and the responsibility for how people will live and in what direction they will develop", said Mrs. Arutyunyan in her greeting.

In Bregovo, the mayor of the municipality, the local parliament and the mayors of town halls were sworn in, and Dorina Yordanova was elected as the chairman. In the municipality, Iliyan Bursanov won another mayoral mandate in the first round, who accepted the symbols of power from the temporary acting mayor Kremena Gogoritsova. In the villages of Balei, Vrav, Gamzovo, Deleyna, Kosovo, Kudelin and Rakitnitsa, the newly elected mayors are: Tereza Grigorova, Nina Udroeva, Yulia Borisova, Ognyan Tonchev, Mihail Petrov, Momchil Ivanov and Tanya Marinova.

In the municipality of Novo Selo, the winner of the runoff is Venislav Angelov - SDS (NDSV). The chairman of the municipal council was not elected today. Nikola Vasilev was elected mayor of the village of Vinarovo. Emilia Krumova will head the village of Negovanovtsi, Radoslav Yavorov and Krasimir Rangelov - the town halls in the villages of Florentin and Yasen.

Affidavits were signed in both municipalities, and the meetings were led by the oldest municipal councilors - Ivan Valchov (Bregovo) and Ginko Petrov (Novo Selo).

According to the Law on Local Self-Government and Local Administration, the Regional governor of Vidin region Ivo Atanasov convenes the first meetings within 14 days of the announcement of the election results.

Next week, the newly elected municipal councils in Vidin, Kula and Dimovo municipalities take office.

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