Eng. Krastyo Spasov is the new regional governor of Vidin region


Eng. Krastyo Spasov is the new regional governor of Vidin region. He was appointed by the Council of Ministers today. At 11. 30 a.m. on an official meeting in the Governor’s office, eng. Krastyo Spasov took over the position from the ad interim eng. Lyubomir Nizamov. The ceremony for the symbolic handover was attended by Deputy Governor of Vidin, Elka Georgieva and representatives of the media. 
Eng Nizamov congratulated the governor for assignment and wished him success and fruitful work in the name of Vidin. 
Improving infrastructure, return of territorial units of the executive branch in Vidin, tourism, education, business resumption of opening new border checkpoints at Salas – Novo korito - these are some of the priorities which will work Mr. Spassov. 
The regional governor expressed his readiness to work with both national and local institutions and non-governmental organizations, business and media. Eng Spassov will rely on the active support of the government and parliament of 5th electoral district - Vidin in the performance of future activities. 

Eng. Krastyo Spasov was born on September 26, 1947. She then graduated from the Higher Institute of Architecture and Construction Sofia majoring in Civil Engineer in road construction. At the Higher Institute of National Economy - Sofia, Mr. Spassov conducted postgraduate specialization in \"Scientific organization of labor and management in construction\". 
Professional career eng. Krastyo Spasov begins in Vidin County Road Department in October 1968 as Head of Regional Road Service Vidin. Over the years, the governor has held management positions in Construction and assembly kombinat Vidin, \"Gypsum\" Plc, \"Installation - NPP\" Plc Vidin Vidin Regional Road Administration. From November 1995 to November 1999 he was deputy mayor for construction in the municipality of Vidin, and from 1st September 2005 to 19th August 2009 Regional Governor of Vidin. Eng Spasov was repeatedly elected municipal councilor, which was, and until his appointment to the position of governor of Vidin. 

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