Deputy District Governor presented certificates for contribution to the development of tourism


County Tourism Advisory Board held a meeting led by Deputy Governor of Vidin Lubomir Nizamov. The Director of the Regional Development Agency and a business center Evtim Stefanov introduced the board members with promotional material that will present Vidin in international tourism fair - Holiday Expo 2012 (on 16-18.02.2012). The stand will be presented with brochures cultural and historical attractions and accommodation options in the field will be displayed and the opportunities for cross-border tourism along the Danube in Romania and Bulgaria under the project \"Danube Bike\". 
Deputy District Governor presented certificates to the contribution of tourism development in 2011 of Vidin and Chuprene; of Evtim Stefanov, director of the Regional Development Agency and Business Center - Vidin, Krasimir Kirilov, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce – Vidin, The Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs and Marietta Georgieva, director of Vocational School \"Professor Asen Zlatarov\"- Vidin. Winners from the Board member received icons as a present. 
At the meeting were discussed the possibilities for joint application of the municipalities for realization of project \"Support to Development of Regional Tourism Product Development and Marketing of Destinations\" under Operational programme \"Regional Development\" 2007-2013. 
Vocational School \"Proffesor Zlatarov \"- Vidin will seek assistance during the next school year the secondary school graduates to gain professional qualification - the fourth degree in professions in the tourism sector. Mr. Lubomir Nizamov expressed his full support and added that this idea will have favorable effects on the development of local tourism.

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