207,600 ballots for the first round of the upcoming local elections were delivered to Regional administration Vidin


The paper ballots for the 29/10/2023 vote for mayors and municipal councilors in Vidin region were received today, with a police escort, from a printing office in the capital. Until they are handed over to the sectional election commissions by location, the ballots will be stored in the state administration in a room equipped with video surveillance and security guards. Additional round-the-clock physical security is provided by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For Vidin region with 91,000 pcs. there will be a vote for the mayor of a municipality, with the same number of votes for municipal councilors, and with the rest over 25,000 pcs. for mayor of town halls in small settlements.

the following days, the delivery of protocols, rolls with specialized paper for machine voting, as well as video surveillance devices is expected.

Regional administration Vidin has provided methodological instructions, boxes for the sections with the ballot cuttings, as well as other materials necessary for their work, for the sectional election commissions.

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